SHUFFLE! Memories.

June 8, 2007

SHUFFLE! Memories is the awesome alternate retelling of SHUFFLE!. The anime is pretty good, with nicely drawn characters…a little bit cliche, but the overall plot is good.

Set ten years in the future, Gods, Demons, and humans live freely together, visiting each others’ worlds. The three races have been falling in love, making a family…love is every where. The main protagonist, Rin Tsuchimi takes a strut down memory lane…remembering the events that occurred between him and Lisianthus, Kaede, Nerine, Asa and Primula, all of them with their own secrets. Oh yea…it’s DEFINITELY an HAREM romance anime. Watch if you dare…


I LOVED the anime. Even though some scenes were kind of…yea. Other than that, I loved the overall plot and how Rin spends time with each of the girls. Then, the ending had a HUGE TWIST. Rin ends up with someone who I never expected him to end up with, but I was glad because I was rooting for that female character throughout the anime. The plot’s is not too cliche, there’s is fluff, but, good fluff, nothing corny. The ending was the best.

OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10 because I don’t really like how the artist drew the characters, like I said, the art is kind f cliche. BUT, the it had interesting humor.

PS. The text color is a clue…to who he ends up with 😉


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