June 8, 2007

ohohoho, sry, gotta stop that habit of mine. it’s seriously creepy. ^^

yup, i think i officially failed fourth quarter. soo sad. omg. i need a B in English to take JAPANESE next year. NOOOOOOOO! and other than that, i think i failed MATH too…i don’t get trigonometry…i’ve been doing so well the last three quarters! I HATE MATH! and omg…i need to keep my grades up…i don’t want to go to summer school! and i need the good grades to do my elective…ART! nooooooo! i hate to sulk…but wahhhh!!!!

other than that, i’m so glad that school’s almost over. i’m eating so much right now cause i’m starving…all i ate the entire day today was some chips during Journalism.

i hate the world right now…wait, no i don’t. that’s sounds so emo. grr RAWR. that’s Orihime’s thing, not my…lalalala…i’m happy…be optimistic. i’m so weird. i wonder if… nvm. HA! ORIHIME! you still can’t kick my ass. ohohoho. u suck! u keep on missing…

remember… Yamete! Oshiri ga ITAI! [inside joke people]. then, see you at the sleep over? ionno. PLAY audition all night! CHEYAAA~ [chapter four is done…mostly flashback…kekeke]


One Response to “GANBATTE!”

  1. orihime Says:

    grr u havent been commenting mine i bet u never read them waa
    orohime is sad and mad at u
    and my mom
    and botstar
    my sis’s new toy

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