SHUFFLE! Memories.

June 8, 2007

SHUFFLE! Memories is the awesome alternate retelling of SHUFFLE!. The anime is pretty good, with nicely drawn characters…a little bit cliche, but the overall plot is good.

Set ten years in the future, Gods, Demons, and humans live freely together, visiting each others’ worlds. The three races have been falling in love, making a family…love is every where. The main protagonist, Rin Tsuchimi takes a strut down memory lane…remembering the events that occurred between him and Lisianthus, Kaede, Nerine, Asa and Primula, all of them with their own secrets. Oh yea…it’s DEFINITELY an HAREM romance anime. Watch if you dare…


I LOVED the anime. Even though some scenes were kind of…yea. Other than that, I loved the overall plot and how Rin spends time with each of the girls. Then, the ending had a HUGE TWIST. Rin ends up with someone who I never expected him to end up with, but I was glad because I was rooting for that female character throughout the anime. The plot’s is not too cliche, there’s is fluff, but, good fluff, nothing corny. The ending was the best.

OVERALL RATING: 9.5/10 because I don’t really like how the artist drew the characters, like I said, the art is kind f cliche. BUT, the it had interesting humor.

PS. The text color is a clue…to who he ends up with 😉



June 8, 2007

ohohoho, sry, gotta stop that habit of mine. it’s seriously creepy. ^^

yup, i think i officially failed fourth quarter. soo sad. omg. i need a B in English to take JAPANESE next year. NOOOOOOOO! and other than that, i think i failed MATH too…i don’t get trigonometry…i’ve been doing so well the last three quarters! I HATE MATH! and omg…i need to keep my grades up…i don’t want to go to summer school! and i need the good grades to do my elective…ART! nooooooo! i hate to sulk…but wahhhh!!!!

other than that, i’m so glad that school’s almost over. i’m eating so much right now cause i’m starving…all i ate the entire day today was some chips during Journalism.

i hate the world right now…wait, no i don’t. that’s sounds so emo. grr RAWR. that’s Orihime’s thing, not my…lalalala…i’m happy…be optimistic. i’m so weird. i wonder if… nvm. HA! ORIHIME! you still can’t kick my ass. ohohoho. u suck! u keep on missing…

remember… Yamete! Oshiri ga ITAI! [inside joke people]. then, see you at the sleep over? ionno. PLAY audition all night! CHEYAAA~ [chapter four is done…mostly flashback…kekeke]

Red Garden.

June 8, 2007

Red Garden.


This is the most interesting anime ever. i have to say, after watching all 22 episodes of this, i’ve decided this is my second favorite anime…my first is Paradise Kiss.
The plot of this anime is…unlike any other. The setting of Red Garden is in a fictional New York City [the artist portrays it really well too!], about four girls that are involved in supernatural murders. Even though it’s anime, meaning Japanese style, it is drawn in an American style and has the combination of a typical American horror film.

Kate, Rachel, Rose, and Claire are students from a private school. One day they wake up and recalls nothing of what happened the other day. Coincidentally, that day their classmate, Lise was found dead. The following night, the four girls meet up at the same place for unknown reasons and were confronted by a woman called Lula and her partner JC [he’s so hot]. Lula tells them that they’re already dead and threatens them that if they don’ t want to disappear completely, they must work for them. On some later episodes, Lula tells them that they are actually reanimated with new bodies and she has their real bodies. Then she claims that she will eventually return the four girls their bodies and return them to their previous lives…when they get the work done.

The first episode was a real eye catcher. It starts off with exciting action where the four girls are being sent home in cars by agents. Then one of the car, the one Lise was in, gets attacked…

Anime Rating Overall: 10/10 for over the edge action, drama, humor, horror, and best plot.

wow. nice~

June 8, 2007

daikonXradish (9:06:40 PM): had fun?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:16:56 PM): yo

LilM0nkeyBr093 returned at 9:16:44 PM.

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:16:58 PM): and yes?

daikonXradish (9:16:55 PM): haha

daikonXradish (9:17:00 PM): higurashi is CREEPY

daikonXradish (9:17:03 PM): wahhhhhhhh

daikonXradish (9:17:04 PM): scary

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:17:18 PM): lol

daikonXradish (9:17:07 PM): cry cry

daikonXradish (9:17:23 PM): w/e

daikonXradish (9:17:26 PM): watch ti

daikonXradish (9:17:31 PM): r u watching it?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:25:19 PM): no o.o

daikonXradish (9:25:11 PM): omgomgogm

daikonXradish (9:25:12 PM): sooo scary

daikonXradish (9:25:14 PM): omgomgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:25:15 PM): ahhhhhh

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:32:32 PM): hahaha

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:32:43 PM): OMG WAT”S THAT!! look outside o.o

daikonXradish (9:32:32 PM): omgomgomgomgomgomgom

daikonXradish (9:32:33 PM): omgomgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:32:37 PM): third ep?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:06 PM): do u want to go to the junk yard? ^.^

daikonXradish (9:32:56 PM):

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:14 PM): ….

daikonXradish (9:33:02 PM): that’s not funny

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:20 PM): rly?

daikonXradish (9:33:07 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:22 PM): how come? O.o

daikonXradish (9:33:10 PM): rena

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:27 PM): ?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:33:29 PM): rena wat?

daikonXradish (9:33:21 PM): just tried to kill him

daikonXradish (9:33:22 PM): omgomgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:33:30 PM): omgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:33:34 PM): brb

daikonXradish (9:33:37 PM): the good part

daikonXradish (9:41:15 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:41:45 PM): lol

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:41:50 PM): DID SHE KILL HIM?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:41:52 PM): YAY!!

daikonXradish (9:41:41 PM): rena and that green haired girl was both beaten dead with the bat that guy was swinging

daikonXradish (9:42:01 PM): and then the bat guy ran away and then clawed his own nails into the throat and died

daikonXradish (9:42:03 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:03 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:04 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:05 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:05 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:06 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:08 PM): ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:42:36 PM): rena died?!

daikonXradish (9:42:26 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:26 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:27 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:42:41 PM): and the green haired girl died?!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:42:43 PM): WHA?!?!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:42:48 PM): THEY DIED TOO EARLY!!

daikonXradish (9:42:46 PM): how it’s that blond girl and cute blue long haired girl

daikonXradish (9:42:47 PM): shit

daikonXradish (9:42:52 PM): i’m now on ep 5

daikonXradish (9:42:53 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:57 PM): they’re like back

daikonXradish (9:42:58 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:59 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:42:59 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:43:00 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:43:01 PM): ahhhh

daikonXradish (9:43:02 PM): sooo scary

daikonXradish (9:43:03 PM): ahhh

daikonXradish (9:43:06 PM): omgmogmomgomgomg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:43:26 PM): how’d they come back from the dead? O___o

daikonXradish (9:43:16 PM): ionno

daikonXradish (9:43:17 PM): omgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:43:23 PM): shit

daikonXradish (9:43:31 PM): and they laugh REALLY creepy

daikonXradish (9:43:41 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:43:46 PM): why is that guy back too?

daikonXradish (9:43:51 PM): what the hell?

daikonXradish (9:43:53 PM): omgomgomgomgomg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:44:20 PM): so then she actually killed that guy?!

daikonXradish (9:44:13 PM): he killed himeself

daikonXradish (9:44:17 PM): and now in ep 5

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:44:32 PM): WHAA?!?!

daikonXradish (9:44:22 PM): it’s like nothing happened

daikonXradish (9:44:24 PM): all casual

daikonXradish (9:44:26 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:44:28 PM): what the hell?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:44:49 PM): lmao =]

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:44:53 PM): that anime is funny

daikonXradish (9:44:40 PM): they’re having a club meeting in town

daikonXradish (9:44:40 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:44:43 PM): ooooo

daikonXradish (9:44:44 PM): chibi

daikonXradish (9:44:46 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:44:50 PM): what the hell?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:45:01 PM): ?

daikonXradish (9:44:51 PM): huh?

daikonXradish (9:44:57 PM): i don’t get this

daikonXradish (9:45:00 PM): ttyl

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:45:19 PM): k bye bye >.>

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:48:12 PM): oh w8

daikonXradish (9:48:03 PM): yes?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:48:14 PM): r u still there?

daikonXradish (9:48:06 PM): yes

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:48:31 PM): ok

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:48:38 PM): i wanted to tell u this o.o

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:48:48 PM): i…. LOVE U!!!

daikonXradish (9:48:41 PM): okay

daikonXradish (9:48:44 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:01 PM): ?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:03 PM): eh?

daikonXradish (9:48:49 PM): alll chibi form

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:04 PM): =.=

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:06 PM): AHHH

daikonXradish (9:49:00 PM): yes?

daikonXradish (9:49:16 PM): ahh

daikonXradish (9:49:19 PM): he’s hungry

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:33 PM): =.=

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:35 PM): he died again

daikonXradish (9:49:25 PM):

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:39 PM): rena killed him

daikonXradish (9:49:28 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:42 PM): he ate rena?

daikonXradish (9:49:29 PM): i know

daikonXradish (9:49:31 PM): nooo

daikonXradish (9:49:35 PM): i’m on 5th ep

daikonXradish (9:49:37 PM): stupid

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:49:52 PM): he ate the blue haired girls?

daikonXradish (9:49:39 PM): -___-

daikonXradish (9:49:41 PM): noooooooooooo

daikonXradish (9:50:22 PM): hahaha

daikonXradish (9:50:25 PM): he’s teasing her

daikonXradish (9:50:26 PM): hahhahahaha

daikonXradish (9:50:28 PM): soo funny

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:50:46 PM): O___o

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:50:47 PM): i c

daikonXradish (9:50:48 PM): hahahaha

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:51:04 PM): it’s so wierd =.= it gets all serious and then wierd and then happy and then serious again =.=

daikonXradish (9:50:53 PM): i know

daikonXradish (9:50:54 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:50:58 PM): i want to know what happens

daikonXradish (9:51:11 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:51:19 PM): mion, the green haired girl has a twin sister?

daikonXradish (9:51:21 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:51:25 PM): what the HELL???

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:51:46 PM): eh?!? O___o

daikonXradish (9:51:35 PM): i knoe

daikonXradish (9:51:36 PM): omg

daikonXradish (9:52:03 PM): what the HELL????

daikonXradish (9:52:04 PM): omgomgomgomg

daikonXradish (9:52:09 PM): sooo werid

daikonXradish (9:52:13 PM): ????

daikonXradish (9:52:14 PM): ???

daikonXradish (9:52:15 PM): ????

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:52:30 PM): uhh =.=

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:52:56 PM): were u leaving? >_____<

daikonXradish (9:52:46 PM): no

daikonXradish (9:52:48 PM): y?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:53:06 PM): knew it =.=

daikonXradish (9:52:56 PM): huh?

daikonXradish (9:52:59 PM): what do u mean?

daikonXradish (9:53:25 PM): what?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:54:09 PM): i’ll let u watch the scary anime all alone =.=

daikonXradish (9:54:01 PM): uhhh

daikonXradish (9:54:02 PM): sure?

daikonXradish (9:54:07 PM): hahahahah

daikonXradish (9:54:10 PM): so funny

daikonXradish (9:54:10 PM):

daikonXradish (9:54:12 PM): for now

daikonXradish (9:54:14 PM): dun dun dun

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:54:35 PM): imagine…

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:54:39 PM): the blue haired girl

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:54:45 PM): grabbing a jiant bat >.>

daikonXradish (9:54:36 PM): uh

daikonXradish (9:54:38 PM): what the hell?

daikonXradish (9:54:43 PM): the twin is visiting him?

daikonXradish (9:54:44 PM): what

daikonXradish (9:54:45 PM): what?

daikonXradish (9:54:46 PM): hwat?

daikonXradish (9:54:47 PM): what?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:55:02 PM): O___o

daikonXradish (9:54:51 PM): argh!!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:55:06 PM): VISITING TIME >.<

daikonXradish (9:54:54 PM): my head hurts!!!!!

daikonXradish (9:55:06 PM): soooo sooo sooo

daikonXradish (9:55:10 PM): CONFUSING!!!

daikonXradish (9:55:12 PM): WAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

daikonXradish (9:55:22 PM): ahhh

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:55:37 PM): peggy just died =P

daikonXradish (9:55:28 PM): he’s so cute chibi

daikonXradish (9:55:29 PM): i did

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:55:58 PM): i’m listening to a combination of nyoro’s >.>

daikonXradish (9:55:47 PM): wiat

daikonXradish (9:55:50 PM): wait

daikonXradish (9:57:48 PM): mihimaru GT

daikonXradish (9:58:12 PM): nvm

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:58:52 PM): O__o

daikonXradish (9:58:39 PM): WHY IS EVERYTHING REPEATED???

daikonXradish (9:58:42 PM): ahhhhhhh

daikonXradish (9:58:43 PM): ahhhh

daikonXradish (9:58:44 PM): ahhh

daikonXradish (9:58:48 PM): RIP

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:59:08 PM): O____o

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:59:13 PM): they all died again?

daikonXradish (9:59:01 PM): me

daikonXradish (9:59:03 PM): i died

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:59:21 PM): he killed the two girls again?

daikonXradish (9:59:10 PM): to hard to keep up wtih the anime

LilM0nkeyBr093 (9:59:28 PM): the girls killed him again?

daikonXradish (9:59:21 PM): not yet…

daikonXradish (9:59:29 PM): it was he who killed them

daikonXradish (9:59:45 PM): B)

daikonXradish (9:59:50 PM): coolness

daikonXradish (9:59:52 PM): B)

daikonXradish (10:00:18 PM): what r u doing right now?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:00:57 PM): talking to ppl >.>

daikonXradish (10:00:46 PM): ic

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:01:05 PM): and listening to seiyuu sing

daikonXradish (10:00:53 PM): should watch higurashi

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:01:08 PM): =.=

daikonXradish (10:00:57 PM): seiyuu?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:01:17 PM): voice actors

daikonXradish (10:01:12 PM): omg…

daikonXradish (10:01:16 PM): wtf?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:01:33 PM): HAHAHA

daikonXradish (10:01:20 PM): is going on?

daikonXradish (10:01:41 PM): gahhh

daikonXradish (10:01:43 PM): gahh

daikonXradish (10:01:44 PM): gahh

daikonXradish (10:01:45 PM): wahhh

daikonXradish (10:01:46 PM): argh

daikonXradish (10:01:48 PM): w/e

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:02:15 PM): u should just stop watching?>

daikonXradish (10:02:09 PM): GASP?

daikonXradish (10:02:10 PM): why?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:02:25 PM): I DON”T LIKE U EITHER!!’

daikonXradish (10:02:18 PM): huh?

daikonXradish (10:02:20 PM): ohhh

daikonXradish (10:02:23 PM): the away sign

daikonXradish (10:02:24 PM): okay

daikonXradish (10:02:34 PM): i don’t want to stop watching it

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:02:55 PM): mystery?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:02:59 PM): is it mystery?

daikonXradish (10:02:48 PM): yup yup

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:04 PM): is the anime mystery?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:06 PM): ugh =.=

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:07 PM): grr

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:09 PM): pikachu

daikonXradish (10:03:05 PM): drama, horror, psychology

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:24 PM): =.=

daikonXradish (10:03:13 PM): damn

daikonXradish (10:03:20 PM): he went weird when the girl

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:35 PM): i understand the pshycology

daikonXradish (10:03:34 PM): ‘s boob touched him

daikonXradish (10:03:34 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:03:41 PM): he discovered that they were twins

daikonXradish (10:03:42 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:03:57 PM): hahaha

daikonXradish (10:03:45 PM): strangeness

daikonXradish (10:03:59 PM): w/e

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:04:35 PM): OMG

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:04:39 PM): WHEN THE CICADA”S CRY!!

daikonXradish (10:04:27 PM): yea

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:04:44 PM): EVERYONE DIES!!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:04:47 PM): I GET IT NOW!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:05:00 PM): DUUUDE!!!!!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:05:02 PM): yea

daikonXradish (10:04:50 PM): yea…

daikonXradish (10:04:53 PM): stupid

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:05:08 PM): the cicada’s represent….

daikonXradish (10:04:54 PM): -___-“

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:05:10 PM): the the

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:05:11 PM): ppl’s

daikonXradish (10:04:58 PM): yes yes

daikonXradish (10:05:00 PM): yesyes

daikonXradish (10:05:58 PM): ttyl

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:06:17 PM): ok bye bye

daikonXradish (10:09:08 PM): u should download the higurashi OP song

daikonXradish (10:09:11 PM): it’s sooo awesome

daikonXradish (10:09:18 PM): and they’re going to have a sequel!!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:09:32 PM): O___o

daikonXradish (10:09:21 PM): yes yes yes yes

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:09:46 PM): eww

daikonXradish (10:09:36 PM): GASP

daikonXradish (10:09:38 PM): O___O

daikonXradish (10:09:50 PM): evil

daikonXradish (10:09:53 PM): fine

daikonXradish (10:09:53 PM): wait

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:11 PM): ?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:12 PM): eh?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:14 PM): wha?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:15 PM): y?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:16 PM): who?

daikonXradish (10:10:12 PM): y?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:34 PM): WHA?!?!

daikonXradish (10:10:27 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:10:28 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:10:28 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:10:31 PM): not higurashi

daikonXradish (10:10:33 PM): but omgomgomg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:10:52 PM): ru going to the mall tomo? O.o

daikonXradish (10:10:43 PM): why?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:11:01 PM): just wondering o.o

daikonXradish (10:10:57 PM): no i’m going somewhere with sonja tomorrow

daikonXradish (10:11:00 PM): ahahah

daikonXradish (10:11:05 PM): funny thing happened today

daikonXradish (10:11:06 PM): ahhh

daikonXradish (10:11:07 PM): funny

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:11:26 PM): ?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:11:26 PM): wha?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:11:29 PM): wat funny who?

daikonXradish (10:11:20 PM): ahh

daikonXradish (10:11:21 PM): funny

daikonXradish (10:11:28 PM): okay

daikonXradish (10:11:30 PM): watch this

daikonXradish (10:11:43 PM): it’s awesome

daikonXradish (10:11:44 PM):

daikonXradish (10:11:51 PM): and TOTALLY NOT CREEPY

daikonXradish (10:11:52 PM): its

daikonXradish (10:11:55 PM): COMEDY!!

daikonXradish (10:11:57 PM): I LVOE IT!!!

daikonXradish (10:12:10 PM): wait

daikonXradish (10:12:11 PM): nvm

daikonXradish (10:12:33 PM): i meant this

daikonXradish (10:12:34 PM): wait

daikonXradish (10:15:22 PM): nvm

daikonXradish (10:15:24 PM): i give up

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:15:43 PM): ?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:15:47 PM): u gave up watching the anime?!

daikonXradish (10:15:37 PM): no

daikonXradish (10:15:43 PM): oh yea

daikonXradish (10:15:46 PM): funny

daikonXradish (10:15:47 PM): dunny

daikonXradish (10:15:49 PM): funny*

daikonXradish (10:16:18 PM): when i told sonja this, she laughed like crazy

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:19:55 PM): hey

daikonXradish (10:19:51 PM): yea?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:07 PM): wat would u do if inoue slapped rukia across the face?

daikonXradish (10:20:08 PM): she did?

daikonXradish (10:20:10 PM): omg?

daikonXradish (10:20:11 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:12 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:12 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:13 PM): gom

daikonXradish (10:20:15 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:16 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:30 PM): gom?

daikonXradish (10:20:16 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:31 PM): hahaha

daikonXradish (10:20:21 PM): i meant omg

daikonXradish (10:20:22 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:22 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:20:28 PM): i would KILL INOUE

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:42 PM): and then

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:45 PM): hahaha

daikonXradish (10:20:34 PM): did she?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:53 PM): yes she did o.o

daikonXradish (10:20:41 PM): really?

daikonXradish (10:20:43 PM): really?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:20:57 PM): when she couldn’t find ichigo

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:00 PM): and then

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:05 PM): inoue got mad at her

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:08 PM): and slapped her

daikonXradish (10:20:55 PM): really really?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:10 PM): and ran off

daikonXradish (10:20:59 PM): really reall?

daikonXradish (10:21:04 PM): what ep?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:33 PM): i was joking o.o

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:35 PM): hahahahahaha

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:37 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:38 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:39 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:39 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:40 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:41 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:41 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:42 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:43 PM): omg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:21:50 PM): >xD

daikonXradish (10:21:37 PM): wah?????????

daikonXradish (10:21:38 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:38 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:39 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:39 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:40 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:40 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:41 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:41 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:21:42 PM): poop

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:01 PM): AKJFH

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:02 PM): l;SKDJAFNHdjiopvg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:13 PM): I WAS DRINKING JUICE!!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:22 PM): you made me choke!!!

daikonXradish (10:22:08 PM):

daikonXradish (10:22:10 PM):

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:24 PM): I AHTE U!!!

daikonXradish (10:22:14 PM): HATE*

daikonXradish (10:22:16 PM): u mean

daikonXradish (10:22:21 PM): love hate love hate

daikonXradish (10:22:27 PM): it keeps on going

daikonXradish (10:22:29 PM): -__-“

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:47 PM): no o.o

daikonXradish (10:22:37 PM): tsk tsk

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:52 PM): this is the first time i hated u =.=

daikonXradish (10:22:43 PM): icic

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:22:59 PM): and i was joking too

daikonXradish (10:22:46 PM): i c how it is

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:04 PM): i was drinking juice

daikonXradish (10:22:51 PM): be that way

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:06 PM): and suddenly

daikonXradish (10:22:52 PM): hmph

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:10 PM): “poop”

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:14 PM): i started laughing

daikonXradish (10:23:01 PM): ahha

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:21 PM): and juice went up my nose

daikonXradish (10:23:08 PM): teehee

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:24 PM): and i choked on it

daikonXradish (10:23:10 PM): hahahah

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:24 PM): and

daikonXradish (10:23:11 PM): hahahah

daikonXradish (10:23:12 PM): ahahah

daikonXradish (10:23:12 PM): ahaha

daikonXradish (10:23:13 PM): hahahah

daikonXradish (10:23:18 PM): funny funny

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:33 PM): sadist =.=

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:37 PM): yea

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:45 PM): now there’s a scent of coconut

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:55 PM): everytime i

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:23:58 PM): breathe

daikonXradish (10:24:05 PM): coconut smells goo

daikonXradish (10:24:09 PM): goood*

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:24:23 PM): i mean pineapple-orange lmao

daikonXradish (10:24:32 PM):

daikonXradish (10:24:35 PM): okay..

daikonXradish (10:24:36 PM): i see

daikonXradish (10:25:10 PM): u deserved the choking cause u made fun of BLEACH

daikonXradish (10:25:11 PM): grrrrrrrrrrrrr

daikonXradish (10:25:41 PM): higurashi time~

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:25:59 PM): hahahaa

daikonXradish (10:25:46 PM): laterzzzzzzzzz poop

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:10 PM): latersss jeffrey?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:12 PM): O___o

daikonXradish (10:26:02 PM): ?

daikonXradish (10:26:04 PM): huh?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:24 PM): hahaha

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:26 PM): iono

daikonXradish (10:26:16 PM): okay

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:32 PM): whsoe that ugly person on ur thing?

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:34 PM): he’s so ugly =.=

daikonXradish (10:26:24 PM): GASP!!!

daikonXradish (10:26:24 PM): omg

daikonXradish (10:26:25 PM): omgomg

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:41 PM): he’s like gy looking too

daikonXradish (10:26:30 PM): that’s george!!!!

daikonXradish (10:26:32 PM): he’s HOT!!

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:48 PM): HAHAHA

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:26:51 PM): HE”S UGLY >=]

daikonXradish (10:26:49 PM): GASP!!

daikonXradish (10:26:51 PM): he’s HOT

daikonXradish (10:26:52 PM): HOT

daikonXradish (10:27:00 PM): stephanie would sooo SLAP U AND SO WOULD IT

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:19 PM): so hot he’s ice could

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:21 PM): cold*

daikonXradish (10:27:09 PM): u DESERVE A SLAP IN THE TUMMY!!!

daikonXradish (10:27:28 PM): anywayz ttyl

daikonXradish (10:27:30 PM): higurashi!!!

daikonXradish (10:27:32 PM): scary~

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:48 PM): bye bye

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:50 PM): scary i kno

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:52 PM): bye bye

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:53 PM): go die now

LilM0nkeyBr093 (10:27:57 PM): HA HA hA

daikonXradish (10:27:44 PM): i will